Featuring Protein Donuts from Sugarnixe!



New protein treat menus are available every Wednesday evenings.  Treat orders will be taken until Saturday at 8 a.m.

The protein donut pick up is anytime during Transformations Personal Training Studio hours at 340 E. Kawili Street in Hilo.

Mahalo NUI and God's blessings on you and yours!


Protein Donuts by Sugarnixe

If you're counting macros or just want a healthier option to satisfy your sweet tooth, try one of this week's protein donut flavors by Sugarnixe:

🍫 Double Chocolate

🥜 Peanut Butter Cup

🧡 Churro Cheesecake


I have only had positive experiences with them! From helping me pick out meals to text reminders before the ordering window closes to keeping the food refrigerated on pick up days! I absolutely love the dedication Heather and her team have to providing the hub for these meals and their customer service! I highly recommend them!

C&J Properties, Jason Maltezo / Owner https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-maltezo-b1602052

Hawai'i Meal Preps has become my favorite weekly go-to website.  My life has become less complicated and I don't worry about shopping, cooking, portions, or what I am actually eating.  I have more freedom and have come to rely on this site for my healthy meals and protein supplements.  I get excited on Thursdays to see what's on the menu for the next week!  Everything is perfect for me!  Macros, portions, and value are on point!  You can even find an amazing treat which satisfies that desire for something sweet!  Try it!  It's more than what you think or expect!  Simply HAWAI'I MEAL PREPS - simply THE BEST!

Michelle Tavares

I depend on these meals both on and off contest prep season.  They are the tools I use to help reach my goals whether fat loss or muscle gain.  During contest preparations, these meals have helped me drop fat in a short amount of time.  Off season they help me stay on track while I run my business because I no longer have extra time to spend in the kitchen.  I also have witnessed my personal training clients achieve great success using these meal prep services.  Diet is 80% of weight loss and can mean the difference between reaching your goals or not.  The protein donuts also help people keep on track with their macronutrient counts while enjoying a clean treat.  Highly recommended!

Heather Rosario - Beach Body Pro Athlete & Personal Trainer

Hawaii Meal Preps has saved me a lot of time and money from prepping my own meals. Their meals are tasty and their portions are worth every penny. Especially their salads!

Kessel Kua


Hawaii Meal Preps can save you time and get you results.  We offer nutrient-dense ready-made meals geared toward improvement in health and change in the mirror.  These are trainer designed meals to help you reach your goals.  "Why give 100% to exercise only to see 20% results because 80% is diet?"  Let Hawaii Meal Preps help you get the body you've always wanted and feel the best you ever have!  These Paleo inspired meals are comprised of the highest quality proteins like Big Island beef, organic free-range chicken, and wild caught fish along with a variety of local vegetables.  Vegetarian and Keto style meals are also on the menu along with gluten-free protein treats.